Thank you for taking the time to visit me on our web site.  My name is A.C. Collier.  I was born and raised in the Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida area.  I am married and have two daughters.

      I am a graduate of the Police Academy with a Certificate of Completion from the Commission of Police Officer Standards and Training.  I started as a Security Officer and Investigator Trainee with Nyco, Incorporated.  I graduated from the University of West Florida with a B.A. degree.  Upon graduation, I became a full time Investigator with Nyco.  Two years later, I became Chief Investigator, and in 1980, I became Director of Nyco Investigations.  In 1985, while still working for Nyco, I joined the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary, and since, have served the ranks of trooper, sergeant, and lieutenant, with extensive annual police training.  I later discontinued my service, with the F.H.P.A., with 13 years of service to the State of Florida, and close to 5000 hours of volunteer service.  In 1995 I became President and co-owner of Information Specialists, Inc.

      In 1996, I personally had the honor of being invited to work security at the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.  I worked closely with the military and various police and federal law enforcement agencies, in providing security for the President, foreign dignitaries, celebrities, athletes, and the general public.  While it was hard work, it was still a career highlight to be a part of such a large occasion.

   During these decades I have personally provided executive protection for many Hollywood celebrities, government personnel, and foreign dignitaries.  I have performed more than 2,500 investigations, consisting of worker's compensation, liability, and domestic surveillances, corporate theft and drug stakeouts, industrial strike coverage, industrial undercover, body guard details for both corporate executives and individuals, "bug sweeps", installing hidden cameras for theft and activity detection, background and pre-employment investigations, and a variety of other types of investigations, including some for the Department of Defense.  During this time I have appeared in court numerous times, with our information winning most cases.  These court appearances included; worker's compensation, liability, divorce, child custody, labor disputes, and employment board disputes.

        I am A.C. Collier, President of Information Specialists, Inc. and if I and my operatives can be of service to you or your Company with any problems, contact me at 850-969-9920.  Consultation is free.  Thank you.


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